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  2. Queer as a Three Buck Bill | HuffPost Chicago

Queer as a Three Buck Bill | HuffPost Chicago

We met this week’s prey, ahem, I mean day, through a buddy of a buddy. She kept telling myself how fantastic he had been and how I must satisfy her buddy therefore I informed her having him offer me a phone call or fall me an email. At this point, what performed I have to drop?

His first e-mail for me was actually rather funny- albeit slightly spastic (the guy had a fascination with the exclamation point and tried it anyplace the guy could)- but amusing yet. It actually was an insane electricity that was addictive, since when i might answer his email messages, I found myself personally utilizing the exclamation point significantly more than typical!!!!!! See! How irritating is? Makes me personally sound like i recently told you we won the lottery, as well as I became referring to was punctuation.

Our very own first time is at a very cute little Italian restaurant in Roscoe Village. We appeared separately, so when I pulled upwards, we saw him waiting indeed there, and that I couldn’t believe it. He had been gorgeous. He had been very tall, had broad arms, fantastic bureau – the epitome of masculinity- large, dark colored and handsome. I possibly couldn’t think this was my date! He had been great, and that I had an atmosphere I would be speaking with a lot of exclamation factors about him to my friends later on. That was until he unwrapped their mouth area to dicuss. Their voice was about 6 octaves higher than I would have anticipated coming out of the mouth of a guy that looked like he did. The guy sounded a bit like Jack from will most likely and Grace, except a great deal,

a lot


The guy greeted myself with such excitement that i possibly could practically notice exclamation factors creating around their head like during the cartoon bubbles. At that moment, i might have bet a hundred dollars that my personal date was homosexual. There is definitely within my mind, that once we surely got to chatting, there is hand flinging in addition to word “fabulous” becoming tossed into every phrase…and I became right.

The minute we sat down in the table, the guy got my personal hand and viewed my nails. Precisely what the eff? I viewed him with a scrunched up face and mentioned, “Umm…what are you looking for?” The guy responds, “Uh, huh. Merely checking to see if they might be genuine. Fake nails are finally period.” I possibly couldn’t help but have a good laugh during this trade, and when my personal mouth area were not filled with wine, I would have said, “Yes, yes they might be. A lot like 34 year old guys thatn’t emerge from the wardrobe yet.”

The go out ended up being a really excellent time. Exactly what lady doesn’t love hanging out with a gay guy? We finished up going to another club after-dinner, had some beverages, played music throughout the Juke container, and danced. It truly was a great go out, you realize, whether or not it ended up being with some body I was thinking would like to write out beside me after the night.

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The icing regarding gay meal arrived whenever we began discussing how I was going to see Grease from the film from inside the Park sets the downtown area, with his face lit right up like a Christmas time tree. The guy enthusiastically yells “Grease 1 or Grease 2, because Grease 2 is actually sooo a lot better!!!!!!! We have most of the lines causing all of the songs memorized!!!!!!” Right about subsequently was once I clicked out-of my personal vodka haze, and recognized I’d to exit, very the guy hailed a cab in my situation and provided me with a hug good-bye and known as it a night.

He known as me a couple of days later, also because i did not have additional dates on the horizon today, we agreed to go out with him once more. We ended up meeting in my own area, which easily sufficient is right around Boystown. I was thinking I would check the waters. We head to supper and oddly enough, the guy just had vision personally. I am talking about, actually I became shopping the hotties around the table. Crazy. Throughout meal he was really affectionate and shockingly great, yet i really couldn’t frequently disregard my gaydar going down in the rear of my personal mind (just in case you’re wondering, it sounds like Madonna- circa Like a Virgin age, perhaps not Ray of Light era, although that would be instead fitting as well).

He had me personally stumped. One minute he had been writing on fake fingernails becoming very passé, right after which the next min, he’s holding my arms and giving me comments. Choose a side dude, can you? I made the decision I had to develop to contact reinforcements, therefore I called my buddy Kim and remaining her a message in the future and satisfy myself together girlfriend, because I needed their view on if or not this man played for their staff.

We met all of them at a club just about to happen through the cafe and every little thing was going swimmingly, until I see Kim’s gf Lauren conversing with my personal go out. The second few minutes played on along these lines: i am providing my buddy Kim the rapid rundown of my problems whenever out from the place of my attention, we saw him choose Lauren’s hand and inspect her nails. My center dropped into my stomach because I knew his fate had been enclosed. While my personal date was in mid phrase, Lauren turns her mind towards myself and says, “Gena! Your own time is clearly homosexual. You are aware that correct?” After that she turned-back about, and carried on the woman dialogue with him without skipping a beat. I found myself middle swig of my Kettle and soda, and quickly spit it all over the table. We KNEW IT!

Soon after we decided to call-it per night. He wound up missing out on the train back once again to the burbs that evening, together with hardly any other choice but to invest the evening. I figured it will be secure since I did not have a penis. Without a doubt, for men exactly who likes males, the guy absolutely don’t lack excitement to find what was under my personal clothes. In the night he tried awakening me right up by kissing my personal shoulders and neck and I rolled more than, seemed him directly in his face and mumbled, “Stop it. I won’t end up being your beard.”

That has been the very last time that I saw him. In a synchronous market, whenever we had satisfied on various terms, as an example at Hydrate, or Spin, or any other homosexual bar in Boystown, I would personally currently this mans friend, therefore we would have sat up forever dealing with males, immediately after which had a pillow fight or something like that, but since the guy clearly provides but to comprehend which he doesn’t actually like ladies, I experienced to slice him drop. You don’t need to thank me personally gay guys of the world, you’re welcome.

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